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Axillary Nerve Damage Symptoms – Michaels Massage

Axillary Nerve Damage Symptoms | LIVESTRONG.COM. The axillary nerve innervates the deltoid muscles in the shoulder and is located in the armpit, or axilla. This nerve can be damaged in patients who have a fractured upper arm bone, a cast … Continue reading

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Dupuytren’s contracture – Michaels Massage

Dupuytren’s contracture – Michaels Massage I have treated a lot of different muscular problems in my practice, but seldom do I get achance to work on someone with Dupuytren’s contracture. Although the ultimate repair for this condition is surgery, massage … Continue reading

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Myrtle Beach Massage – Michaels Massage™ on Twibs

Michaels Massage™ in Myrtle Beach,SC. Expert in Deep tissue massage,Swedish massage,Lomi Lomi massage,sports massage, and no mess body scrubs using Argan oil & exfoliation gloves. Twibs is a great networking tool in unison with twitter for connecting local business. Please … Continue reading

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