>Chi Flow and my SEO…

>It has been mentally draining lately learning all about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and how to attain better web presence. I definately need to curb my coffee intake a bit during my internet reading binges on this stuff…. my eyebrows are twitching a bit, my Chi is definately off.
Worked on my website a bit today, looking at some web analytics, I’m moving up in rank on google.com via my alexa rank there are no more than 19 million websites better than mine! lol … I was told it would not be easy being a Male Massage Therapist, they just did’nt make it quite clear it would be this difficult.
I love what I do , I just wish I did it alot more often.

Time to replenish the Chi … with a hot cup of Chai

About Michael Champagne

Michael Champagne is a professional massage therapist in Myrtle Beach,SC. Formerly a chef with 15+ years experience in the restaurant industry, now owner of Michaels Massage™, a mobile massage company in Myrtle Beach,SC. Offering mobile massage and spa services to The Grand Strand & surrounding areas.
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