Golfers Massage | Myrtle Beach

Golfers Massage | Myrtle Beach

Fall is upon us, and golf season is just around the corner.It’s time to hit the greens in beautiful Myrtle Beach,SC… And it’s time to improve your golf game.
I have expert training in deep tissue massage and sports massage, with an emphasis on golfers massage due to the abundance of sports minded visitors that travel here.
Whether you are a participant in the upcoming Triathlon in Myrtle Beach, or you are an avid golfer looking to improve your game, I implore you to book a golfers massage session with me to truly see improvement in your game. I am trained in pre and post sports massage, as well as incorporating light Thai massage and stretching to achieve maximum flexibility and mobility in your choice of sport.

Here are a few of my client reviews from across the web –

  1. If you need a massage, Michael is the guy to go to. I was in so much pain in my upper back/ shoulder area for 2 weeks and could barely sleep. Michael came to my house and for 90 minutes did deep tissue massage. He hit trigger points I didn’t know I had and really got the one that started my misery. I feel like a new woman. Don’t waste your money on anyone else. I don’t usually write reviews, but I feel he deserved it for giving me the best massage I ever had.
  2. Michael does a fantastic deep tissue massage-therapeutic,relaxing,much needed after what daily life throws at you. He worked on problem areas in my rhomboid area-actually helped me heal without medication. Thanks Mike!!! You’re the best!!
  3. Michael is a true professional. We were staying here at Dune’s Village and Michael did terrific job with his sports massage that was offered. We had a few rounds at Wicked Stick course, and needed a good Therapeutic Massage. If you just want to relax in your hotel or condo for the weekend and enjoy a great professional massage, give Michael a call. Check out his website to see his work.
  4. I have to say that I received the best massage I have ever had from Michael recently. He was able to ease my lower back pain where others have failed. He was incredibly professional and made me very comfortable. He will even come to your house for a very reasonable rate. I am so happy to have found him and would/will recommend Michael to anyone with back pain or discomfort.
  5. I just got the BEST Massage from Michael, I have chronic back and neck pain and I feel 100% better, not only do my muscles feel better I am relaxed! He also came to me for my massage, in the comfort of my own home! Thanks Michael for the great massage!

If you truly are seeking to improve your golf game, or your general Holistic health due to chronic muscle pain and injury, do yourself a favor and bypass the spas to book a massage with one of the best massage therapists here at the beach.

Golfers Massage | Myrtle Beach


About Michael Champagne

Michael Champagne is a professional massage therapist in Myrtle Beach,SC. Formerly a chef with 15+ years experience in the restaurant industry, now owner of Michaels Massage™, a mobile massage company in Myrtle Beach,SC. Offering mobile massage and spa services to The Grand Strand & surrounding areas.
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