>Chakras and Sprockets-Chapter one

>My first blog… ever! I created this blog to log my experiences in life, both professionally and personally.
I am a massage therapist, at the moment living in Myrtle beach SC,and have been a therapist now for 4 years. So far it’s paying the bills, and I say so far, because up until now I’ve been doing ok. But living here at the beach and dealing with a seasonal career/ seasonal life is getting a bit much and am looking for a change…. maybe it will come soon, maybe not.

The idea behind Chakras and Sprockets is that we live in a modern society with so many machines and computers and gadgets to do everything for us. But we should remember to stay grounded and in touch with ourselves and others in a spiritual and healthy way. Massage is one of the greatest gifts I have been given, and I have truly helped alot of people that have been in both physical and spiritual demise.

I look forward to sharing my journey here in the future… until

About Michael Champagne

Michael Champagne is a professional massage therapist in Myrtle Beach,SC. Formerly a chef with 15+ years experience in the restaurant industry, now owner of Michaels Massage™, a mobile massage company in Myrtle Beach,SC. Offering mobile massage and spa services to The Grand Strand & surrounding areas.
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