Massage & Fibromyalgia|Myrtle Beach

Massage & Fibromyalgia|Myrtle Beach

Massage & Fibromyalgia, It is a near juxtaposition of the two if you consider this thought. Massage is an ancient form of therapy and medicine administered through touch,and Fibromyalgia finally,in the last few years,just recently has become a diagnosis for a modern disorder that has developed in women,yet also can be treated with touch therapy.

I have studied many pathologies while attending the massage institute as a student,and my own research as well on different disease and disorders that can be treated effectively with therapeutic massage. It is of the utmost importance that you are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia before seeking a recommended therapy for the disorder,but do know there are several forms of therapy to alleviate the pain associated with the disorder.

Fibromyalgia is a disorder affecting the body as a whole,with a burning pain normally starting from the torso area in the soft tissue areas of the neck,back,and buttocks,and then extending referred pain through the extremities. This systemic pain then has a domino affect on the body,affecting diet and digestion,resulting in migraine headaches,fatigue,and even depression. It’s a simple fact,that if we feel ill,tired,and are combating pain, taking care of ourselves and eating a proper diet tends to go out of the window.

So now to delve into the main recommended forms of therapy for Fibromyalgia.

  • Drugs– The last resort. Drugs are administered for this disorder,and they do help,but we are all quite aware of what drug dependency does to a persons life,and considering fibromyalgia may be a life long battle, in my opinion, a battle with an addiction to pain medication would probably lead to more severe problems in ones life.
  • Physical Therapy– Physical therapy is an amazing healing process,and a physical therapist can also teach an individual different forms of therapy for at home,and as long as a persons health coverage will cover this therapy,it is probably the best method of coping with fibromyalgia,coupled with an occasional massage therapy session.I’ve know some great physical therapists,and they do wonders for individuals in recovering from injury,but normally they do not have the healing touch that a skilled massage therapist possesses.
  • Massage Therapy– Massage therapy and fibromyalgia.It is like yin and yang,and one can be countered by the other. The very basic school of thought in massage teaches us the “Gate Theory” Massage affects pain through the central nervous system. In one theory of pain called the “gate theory,” messages of pain which normally travel from the injury to the brain are blocked before reaching the centers responsible for interpreting pain. Massage helps stimulate and close the so-called gate of pain messages. As a result, the intensity of pain perceived by the brain is decreased.(excerpt from A skilled and experienced massage therapist who can be intuitive of the pain threshold an individual suffering from this disorder can engage the gate theory with a proper,healing massage session.Swedish massage,utilizing intuition,as well as maintaining communication with the client,can almost be guaranteed to help alleviate the pain,and hopefully decrease the chronic flare ups and bouts of pain.

I know my craft well,as my clients can attest,and I implore you to give me a try and allow me to help you heal. I am a gifted massage therapist,I am truly a professional at what I do. If you would like to book an appointment,please don’t hesitate to call.

Affordable,professional,and convenient therapeutic massage in the comfort of your own home.

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Massage & Fibromyalgia|Myrtle Beach

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