Massage Therapy and Migraines.

Massage Therapy and Migraines

The benefits of massage therapy in relation to migraine headaches and how regular massage sessions can lower the frequency of migraines.
Most of us have dealt with a migraine headache sometime in our life.Some people,such as myself,suffer from migraine headaches on a regular basis,and can attest that massage does indeed at least reduce the pain and discomfort associated with one.
I actually suffer from migraines due to an allergic reaction from the food additive MSG,or monosodium glutamate, and do have to take a prescription drug if I have ingested msg,but the drug only reduces some of the effects of the headache,and coupled with a relaxing neck and head massage is the best therapy I have yet to find.The food additive acts on the blood vessels constricting them,so in turn the massage session should be one with flowing and flushing strokes making sure to safely,but effectively flush the main arteries in the lateral neck area to open up the constricted blood flow. This type of massage is really,in my case,only on an as needed basis,while another form of migraine called cluster headaches,or cluster migraines, could truly benefit from a regular massage regimen of at least once a month,if not every 2 weeks until the headaches are better managed. Cluster headaches form from the occipital muscles in the rear base of the skull,usually on the lateral sides of the skull,and slowly creep up the head as the muscles in the peripheral area and the broad flat tendon called the galea aponeurotica on top of our head constrict and form immense tension. Regular massage therapy can reduce this type of headache drastically by keeping those occipital muscles nice and loose and free of trigger points,as well as a general level of stress lowered which is also a factor in cluster migraines.
Whether you are a local or vacationing here in Myrtle Beach and would like to try a massage session to help relieve the discomfort and pain of a migraine that just won’t go away,don’t hesitate to give me a call. I travel to my clients with a top shelf massage table,fresh linens,and any products I need for my sessions.
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Michael Champagne is a professional massage therapist in Myrtle Beach,SC. Formerly a chef with 15+ years experience in the restaurant industry, now owner of Michaels Massage™, a mobile massage company in Myrtle Beach,SC. Offering mobile massage and spa services to The Grand Strand & surrounding areas.
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